At Teorema Films, we are looking to support new film entries. Essays, video - art, documentaries or fiction feature films are welcome. We want to share our know-how on how to break into the international market even without big budgets. From the idea to distribution and festival strategy, searching for specific opportunities for films without concrete platforms or territories.



Teorema Films directs its work towards micro budget productions (under 250.000 $) of full-length and short fiction films, cinema documentaries, video – art, advertising and diverse audiovisual and cross-disciplinary content. We believe in the concept of dynamic structure. The company adapts itself to the demands of each project in order that each project is unique.



We have one Avid Media Composer room for your project. You can choose if you want just to rent it or work with any of our associated editors. The room is fully equipped for 4k real time editing with calibrated monitors.



The Teorema’s team love to work with film and video archive. If you are trying to use this kind of materials in your project this is your place. You can digitalize from analogue sources like Betacam tapes or lower video formats and upscale to 4k DCI over Teranex quality. We use our own players and real time cards. If you are looking for a telecine service, we have some associated companies.



Teorema bridges grade gap between on-set preview and post-production. Here you can prepare your dailies in Daylight or grade and finishing your projects in a Baselight or Davinci environment ready to DCP specifications in an appropriate calibrated monitor.

You can mastering and conforming your timeline for DCP whatever non-linear system, format, framerate, or different cameras you use.



Sound Design

The sound design vision is the core of the the aural world of your project. For us, in all the phases the designer will work closely with the director to be on sync, understanding the tremendous power of sound to aid the storytelling process.


Production Sound

We provide high end sound mixer/recordist services for location sound by crafting attention getting the soundscapes of the characters and their context. Make your project sound great from start to finish.

For sound, we have a modern and extensive kit including Schoeps or Sennheiser in full Rycote, Zaxcom wireless, camera hops, DPA and Cos11 lavs, lock-it boxes, slate, IFBs, Sound Devices 633 and 788T recording systems…


Sound editing and mixing

We have a room for native multichannel editing and mixing ready to clean bad audio recordings with the best plugin suite for Pro Tools HD. Also we love to work with ADR and Foley replacements for postproduction deliveries in mono, stereo, 5.1 or 7.1.



A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard convention accepted worldwide for distributing and projecting movies digitally. Whether you’re planning a film festival run or distributing your film to theatres nationwide, Teorema Films provides you with the tools and expertise to master your film with a EasyDCP license in 2K or 4K with or without encryption DKDMs.



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